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Lateral Hip Pain/ Trochanteric Bursitis

A lot of people assume their hip pain is the onset of arthritis, especially if it has already been diagnosed in other areas of the body but this isn’t always the case. If you are suffering from hip pain and have been through all the diagnostic tests for arthritis and still have no answer, then it can be very frustrating. However, there are plenty of ways to handle and deal with non-arthritis hip pain.

How can I help myself with pain in my hip but no arthritis?

Hip pain can be handled and managed in a number of ways. You can choose to self-medicate with over the counter anti-inflammatories or analgesics. You can contact your doctor about further medication and you can take stock of your lifestyle. You may find that the hours you are working or the way you are working are detrimental to your health and therefore need to manage your lifestyle in a way that allows you to take appropriate breaks.

Specific Hip Conditions

Hip pain is often caused by a simple strain and soon disappears of its own accord but chances are if you have been through an arthritis diagnosis and not got an answer then it is likely your hip condition is more serious than a simple strain.

Specific hip conditions do include Paget’s disease or other types of arthritis but there is also referred pain from back conditions, avascular necrosis and a number of soft tissue conditions including hip bursitis.

Treatments for non-arthritic hip pain

It is very likely your clinician will continue to prescribe pain medication and other treatments to try and alleviate your hip pain, even if they don’t have a specific diagnosis. You will be prescribed anti-inflammatories and analgesics as standard and may also be offered other drug therapy and you may also be referred to a physiotherapist. There many also be surgical options open to your dependent on your specific complaints and this is something you can discuss with your doctor in person.

Do you have questions about non-arthritic hip pain?

If you have any questions about non-arthritic hip pain or would like to book an appointment with Dr Stephanie Barrett then please get in touch here.