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Getting Out and About with Arthritis

Many people with arthritis continue their normal lives with little difficulty. There may need to be some adaptations and modifications in the workplace and home, but usually it is possible to continue as normal. After diagnosis getting out and about and back to...

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What to expect from: Soft Tissue Injections?

Soft tissue injections are often used to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. They are a relatively long-term treatment option and should ensure a reduction of pain and inflammation for a fairly considerable amount of time. There are three main types of soft...

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Driving with Arthritis

Driving after an arthritis diagnosis is something many people worry about. Whether new to driving or very experienced, a new diagnosis can be a worry. Here we’re looking at both vehicle and adaptive changes you can make to ensure driving is a safe and comfortable...

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Managing and Diagnosing Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal pain can be indicative of many conditions. It is sadly a common experience for many people living with rheumatic conditions and pain disorders. Many people with musculoskeletal pain are referred to rheumatology for further examinations and tests....

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Dr Stephanie Barrett

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President of the Royal Society of Medicine, Rheumatology Division, 2017-18

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