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Prior to your initial appointment with Dr Stephanie Barrett, it is recommended that you organise a referral letter from your doctor or specialist (NHS or private), preferably sent on to Dr Kaye Barrett before your appointment.  This provides important information, which will speed up your diagnosis and avoid confusion with current or previous medication. If you would like to make an appointment with Dr Stephanie Barrett, please complete the appointment form below or contact Dr Stephanie Barrett’s PA on 020 7730 8508.

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You should also bring any recent scans and /or reports which may be relevant to your problem. Blood tests reports, taken in the last twelve to eighteen months, may also prove useful, as an aid to diagnosis. Your doctor may provide copies of these, if you do not already have them. It is also important, wherever possible that you have a list of all your current medications and dosages with you. This list should include any vitamins or alternate health supplements that you are taking. Any allergies to medication should be noted and mentioned.
First appointments may last for up to an hour depending upon the complexities of the case and usually conclude with requests for scans and blood tests. Referrals to other specialists, or recommendations to visit an allied health professional, such as a physiotherapist or podiatrist will be facilitated by Dr Kaye Barrett’s PA.  Private prescriptions may be issued.  You may receive one or more pain relieving injections into a troublesome joint or around a tendon, if this is indicated for your health problem.
Please note that Dr Kaye is a private specialist.  If you have medical insurance, you must contact your insurers before your visit to confirm that you will be covered for your consultations. Some insurance companies will issue you with a preauthorisation number or code, which you should record and bring with you, together with the insurance details, for your first consultation.

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